About Us

freedom. [ˈfrē dəm] noun

  • the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
  • the state of not being subject to or affected by (a particular undesirable thing).
  • the power of self-determination attributed to the will;
  • the quality of being independent of fate or necessity.
  • unrestricted use of something.
  • the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

Freedom began in 2014 as Freedom Medical Supply.  It was originally started to be a customizable storefront allowing providers in the home care industry to have a branded storefront to offer their clients medical supplies.  Freedom Medical Supply was able to make this offer through its long standing relationship with McKesson.

The many events of 2020 enabled Freedom Medical Supply the opportunity to rethink the future direction.  

COVID-19 caused many home care providers to expand their usage of PPE (personal protective equipment) beyond what had been the historical norm.  Freedom was able to respond to the need through identifying sources of PPE and delivering a vital supply chain to home care providers across the nation.

Protecting Caregivers and Clients has become an increased challenge for operational teams that were already taxed in normal times.  Providers have expressed an interest in resources that can help simplify their operations...someone they can trust to have their back and has the experience and reputation.  Someone who can give them back the freedom to focus on those things most important.

Freedom intends to meet this challenge.  Our new focus is on creating carefully curated solutions focused on the home care industry.

Freedom consists of leadership who have been actively engaged in the home care industry.  Individuals who have worked in franchise systems, company owned settings as well as independents.  We understand the joy and fulfillment of helping those who are aging or need assistance with basic living to remain in their home as well as the amazing responsibility of creating meaningful jobs.  

Home Care...we have plans for you.

we are freedom.